Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Old Truck

Lookin' for a manly card idea?  Well, I've got you covered!  This card features the Two Paper Divas  Truck stamp.  I stamped the truck image onto watercolor paper so I could use my ZIG markers (Deep Red #260, Light Gray #091, Beige #072 & Dark Brown #062)!  My husband told me I couldn't add bows or flowers to a man card, so I decided to tone it down with some brown and white checked paper topped with a few buttons and twine.  I used a vintage safety pin to attach my sentiment "Dad, you're the best!"  It's also from Two Paper Divas.

 This truck stamp reminds me of a truck that my Grandad, Walt, owned.  It was an orange pickup with a standard transmission and by the time my family got the truck, the floorboards were rusted out and we had to use bungee cords to hold the door shut.  I remember watching the pavement through the holes in the floor as my mom drove it to the city dump with a load of tree limbs and grass.  But, I think my favorite memory of the old orange truck was when my friend, Gayla, was riding in it and my Mom turned the corner a little too sharply and her door flew open and she literally yelped as she held herself in and tried to shut the door at the same time!  All of us can look back and laugh at it now.  

Make it a great day!


  1. ooh I love this, its such a cool design :)

  2. Love this! Great card and great memory share! We never have enough masculine ideas!

  3. Loved the truck card, Jenny. I can just hear grandad getting a kick out of your memory. Mom

  4. Girlfriend, you know, they say great minds think alike. I mean we both did the red truck, we both used string and buttons..... we're brilliant! haha!